Conditions Of Sale

Your complete satisfaction is important to us. All un-mounted gemstones from Benchmark Conversion will be delivered with a grading certificate from an independent gemologist or laboratory conforming to generally accepted standards of the international gem trade. Upon receipt of a bank draft, credit facility or cheque, all gems will be shipped within a reasonable time by the safest possible means. Benchmark Conversion reserves the right to rescind or cancel any order at our discretion if in our opinion payment has not been made within a reasonable length of time. A 15-day unconditional money back guarantee covers all purchases, with the exception of custom orders and jewellery manufacturing. If the merchandise supplied is not as described, you must telephone Benchmark Conversion immediately to arrange for their return. Your complete satisfaction is important to us. There are no representations, warranties, collateral agreements or conditions affecting the merchandise, written or verbal, other than set out on this confirmation of purchase. Unless otherwise stated, all coloured stones (excluding diamonds) listed have probably been subjected to a stable and possibly undetectable colour enhancement process. Prevailing market values are based on these universally practiced and accepted processes by the gem and jewellery trade. Buyers should be aware that regardless of profit potential, the speculative nature of world markets prohibits Benchmark Conversion and its representatives from making guarantees as to price movements and/or time frames for re-sale of gemstones purchased. All merchandise is sold to purchaser either as jewellery or as a collectible. Although in many instances Benchmark Conversion may be offering higher quality and better value than the common retail trade, the company’s gem prices are not to be construed as wholesale, a level generally available only through large dollar purchases by those recognized in the gem trade. Remarketing of gems purchased is the responsibility of the buyer. Upon the buyer’s request, however, Benchmark Conversion will attempt to provide on a best effort, no time frame basis, assistance in offering for sale the buyers gem(s) to whatever outlets may then be available after the 4th year from purchase date. We recommend gems as a long-term hold, for a minimum of five years.