Benchmark Conversion International

Benchmark Conversion has been working with clients to diversify their portfolios through the acquisition of natural coloured diamonds, precious gemstones and fine jewellery since 1985. Natural coloured diamonds and precious gemstones are an integral addition to a successful portfolio. As a tangible asset, natural coloured diamonds bring stability and increasing value to your portfolio. An asset that can be enjoyed anytime while increasing its value, your investment will enrich your life in more ways than one. Through Benchmark Conversion's guidance and expertise, we bring you the highest quality product at aggressive market pricing.

Benchmark Conversion International Limited is pleased to announce that it has just acquired an

Extremely Rare, Argyle Red Diamond!

Red diamonds are the most unique and rare natural coloured diamonds in the world.

Benchmark Conversion International Limited deals in only Natural coloured diamonds. Call 1.866.511.4000 to learn more!

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